think before you ink

I was driving home when an ad came over the radio asking me to avoid the pitfalls of the low-priced, no-talent, bad tattoo artist — to “Think before you ink.”

Now, I don’t have any tattoos. But I do have some friends who have awesome tattoos, as well as some who have not-so-awesome tattoos. What made
the difference?

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Building upon heritage. Inspiring new beginnings.

We’re pleased to congratulate Gensler for their work on the Genevieve and Wayne Gratz Center at Fourth Presbyterian Church in downtown Chicago. Last month, the building earned a 2015 Design Excellence Award from the Chicago chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA). Gensler, led by architect Brian Vitale, designed the Gratz Center—a five-story, 82,000 square foot addition—with a modern interpretation of the existing architecture, staying true to the original building’s legacy. 

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Designing a Modern, but Subtle, Lighting Strategy

Kohler Co. lives “on the edge of design and technology.”

So what an honor it was for our firm, CharterSills, to be brought on by Gensler to design the lighting scheme for a new building at Kohler’s global headquarters in the eponymously named town of Kohler, WI.

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