25 Things You Didn't Know About Me

Fascinating Facts About the CharterSills Team
Do you find that you can work closely with people, but rarely know much about them? Since that’s often the case — and because we also have really cool people on our staff — we wanted to share some random, interesting facts about the people behind CharterSills.

This month we feature Warren Charter, Design Principal, and Kristin Grube, Lighting Designer:

25 Things about Warren

1. I only wear Black Banana Republic T-Shirts. I own 14 of them.
2. I’m Scuba Certified to 60 feet and have never dived since certification testing.
3. My most prized possession is my 2001 Ford Expedition. Her name: The Beast.
4. I’m an ambulance driver in a soon-to-be-released movie on Netflix and Amazon.
5. I enjoy recreational bike riding, averaging 100 miles per week when temps are above 40 degrees.
6. If there is a winery tour involved, I’m in.
7. When I weight train, I listen to Flo Rida, Five Finger Death Punch, Pitbull, and T.I.
8. My diet is 98 percent organic, non-processed food and 2 percent other stuff.
9. I don’t own a television.
10. I often wish I had pursued my dream of being in law enforcement or serving in the military.
11. If there is a bourbon whiskey tour involved, I’m in.
12. Some of my friends in life are currently homeless living on the street.
13. I bake my own bread. My favorite recipe is an organic oatmeal honey loaf.
14. I have a State of Illinois permit from the DNR to raise and sell Tilapia. I currently have over 300 fish in the tanks.
15. I used to live in Colorado and California. I moved to Illinois because I prefer flat cornfields over mountains and beaches.
16. My favorite movies include Elf, the Fast and Furious films, and any of the The Expendables series.
17. I recently sat front row for a live performance by Jim Peterick, Grammy-winning singer/songwriter and founder of the group Survivor.
18. If there is a brewery tour with flights of beer involved, I’m in.
19. I flunked small engine repair in high school.
20. Last year I taught myself to use a sewing machine and made three supersized beanbag chairs.
21. If I’m going to cheat on my organic eating, you will find me at Taco Bell.
22. I’ve designed residential lighting for Michael Keaton and Jeff Bridges. Jeff Bridges was by far the coolest, answering the door in his bathrobe.
23. My frugal side found me purchasing this awesome $120 Catalina Outwear jacket at the Salvation Army Thriftstore for $7.00. Shhh … don’t tell anyone.
24. In junior high, I was active in the Chess Club. We were the cool kids.
25. I’m building a professional following in Brazil so that I have the option to work after I retire there.

25 Things About Kristin Lynn Grube

1.    I love heels.
2.    I’m addicted to Haribo gummies. It probably didn’t help that I grew up near where they are made.
3.    I lived in Germany until I was 19.
4.    I love to travel.
5.    I love Brussels sprouts.
6.    I really should have been a detective.
7.    I saved an older gentleman’s life while vacationing in Spain. He got pulled out with the ocean’s current and almost drowned.
8.    I love Latin dancing.
9.    I once met Dennis Rodman at a restaurant in California.
10.  I have a double-jointed left thumb.
11.  My laugh is famous among my friends.
12.  My closet is color-coordinated.
13.  I broke my right arm while skiing in Austria and had to learn how to write with my left hand in school.
14.  I absolutely love to-do lists.
15.  Parking garages confuse me.
16.  I have the entire Sex And The City series collection.
17.  I don’t like spicy food.
18.  My favorite autobahn in Germany is the 555 – I can drive as fast as I want.
19.  One of my favorite quotes: Life isn’t tied with a bow, but it’s still a gift.
20.  I’ve been evacuated numerous times in Germany because they found bombs from WWII next to our home.
21.  I don’t smoke.
22.  If I could have one superpower, I would choose the power of teleportation.
23.  I really want to learn more languages.
24.  I don’t like coffee.
25.  Dessert is my favorite part of any meal.