25 Things You Didn't Know About Me

More Fascinating Facts About the CharterSills Team
In a recent post, we started a series where we share interesting facts about the people behind CharterSills. This month we feature Mark Sills, Design Principal, and Chris Lewis, Project Lighting Designer:

25 Things About Mark

1. I’m a hockey fan and love the Blackhawks.
2. I race bicycles. I’m a Category 2 racer and specialize in criterium-style races — road races that consist of several laps around a closed circuit.
3. I can’t eat enough basil.
4. Math has never been a strong suit, so a calculator is my best friend.
5. I’ve found eight hours of sleep at night is just right.
6. It can take me forever to compose a letter.
7. I fancy myself a master of the grill.
8. I loathe being late.
9. I’d like to learn to play piano, but first I’d need to learn how to read music.
10. I am an avid skier and go to Colorado every year with my family.
11. I don’t watch football on TV.
12. I actually enjoy doing yardwork.
13. I love red wine and amber beer.
14. I’m not a fan of olives.
15. I like to dance, but I wouldn’t win any contests.
16. On a camping trip last year, I learned how to start a fire without matches.
17. I strive to keep things neat. I can’t concentrate if my desk is messy.
18. I’m a descendant of Edgar Allen Poe. My mother’s side are all Poes.
19. I love sitting in the sun, especially early morning or late afternoon on the porch.
20. Someday, I hope to visit Spain.
21. I have a passion for vintage things — old cars, wooden boats, old tools, etc.
22. Vermont and Colorado are my two favorite states to visit.
23. I’m a big dog person. I have a golden retriever named Jake.
24. I don’t like wearing ties … or suits for that matter.
25. My favorite meal is breakfast — anything with eggs.

25 Things About Chris

1. I love spending time with my family. I have a 2-year-old son named Levi and a new baby due in a couple weeks.
2. Favorite Movies: “Grumpier Old Men,” “Black Hawk Down,” “8 Seconds,” “Son-In-Law,” “The Baytown Outlaws,” and “Tucker & Dale vs. Evil.” Pretty much anything Western, “redneck,” Southern gothic, or post apocalyptic.
3. I’m a news junkie, which drives my wife insane.
4. I have a bulldog named Luna — which is similar to owning an old man that stinks and snores all the time.
5. Favorite TV shows: “Walking Dead,” “Turn,” “Blue Bloods,” “River Monsters,” and “Ridiculousness.” And I wish “Sons of Anarchy” would return.
6. If you were to turn on my stereo in my truck, you would hear “real” county music (stuff you don’t hear on the radio): Hank Williams III, Mike and the Moonpies, Turnpike Troubadours, Jason Boland and the Stragglers, Eric Strickland, Whitey Morgan, and the rock band Lucero. I also have a fascination with one-man bands like Scott H. Biram and Lincoln Durham.
7. Hobbies: fishing, hunting, camping, boating … if it involves the outdoors, then I’m there.
8. I like to start political debates on Facebook, then sit back and watch people argue.
9. I study country music history and defend its traditions. I follow and comment almost daily on savingcountrymusic.com.
10. I can’t stomach sauerkraut, cottage cheese and cauliflower.
11. I was born premature and, as a result, don’t have the ability to move my little toes.
12. I don’t like watching sports, except maybe XGames, timber sports, bullriding, or fishing.
13. I’m extremely interested in genealogy and history.
14. I survived a major car accident and now have a reconstructed spine.
15. I have a weird fascination with psychic medium shows.
16. I once owned a 5-foot-long iguana that roamed my house freely.
17. My dream job would be to own and run a large music venue or a campground for fishermen.
18. My ultimate dream would be to fish the Amazon and catch something larger than myself.
19. My downfall is anything sweet — pie is my favorite.
20. I love rollercoasters!
21. I am currently raising about a dozen chickens.
22. About the only time I get mad is when I’m working on something mechanical … then you can find me furiously cussing and throwing things.
23. I have a fear of being trapped in a car underwater.
24. I wish cellphones were never invented, because I can’t seem to remember to recharge anything. Plus, it bothers me that people expect a quick response back.
25. I rarely leave the house without my baseball cap and cowboy boots, except for when I’m working.